Connections  Career Paths in Biomedical Informatics

This video project documents the training experiences of predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees from 16 National Library of Medicine-funded biomedical informatics and data science training programs.

America’s biomedical informatics training programs are preparing individuals from diverse personal, educational, and professional backgrounds for a broad range of meaningful career opportunities. These opportunities enable program graduates to leverage biomedical informatics in basic research, medicine, healthcare systems, and other increasingly data-driven areas.

As of 2021, among these training programs are 16 National Library of Medicine training programs at Columbia University, Harvard University, Indiana University, Oregon Health & Science University, Rice University, Stanford University, State University of New York at Buffalo, University of California San Diego, University of Colorado, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, University of Utah, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin Madison, Vanderbilt University, and Yale University.

At each program, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together for a distinct moment in time. These individuals include computer scientists, statisticians, engineers, and data scientists who are interested in learning about and contributing to biology, medicine, and healthcare. There are also individuals from across the healthcare sector—clinical scientists, biologists, medical doctors, healthcare administrators, and entrepreneurs—who want to gain data-related skills to improve health and advance their careers. Program participants are excited to be exposed to individuals from different backgrounds, learn together, and work collaboratively to improve health. Connections: Career Paths in Biomedical Informatics documents their stories.

Interviews were recorded in Spring 2019 and Summer 2019.